Administrative and Facilities

Mark J. Meister, Executive Director & President

[email protected] | (612) 821-9045 ext. 2200

          Linda Thiel, Financial and Administrative Officer

[email protected] | (612) 821-9045 ext. 1300

          Mark Biers, Facilities Manager

[email protected]  | (612) 821-9045 ext. 1600

Exhibitions and Collections

Maria Zavialova, Ph.D., Curator, Head of Exhibitions and Collections

[email protected] | (612) 821-9045 ext. 4100

          Michael Waltz, Exhibitions and Collections Associate

[email protected] | (612) 821-9045 ext. 2100

          Chris Seberson, Collections Associate

[email protected]

Programs & Marketing

Michelle Massey, Director of Public Programs & Marketing

[email protected] | (612) 821-9045 ext. 1400

         Denis Evstuhin, Curator of Classical Music Programs

[email protected]

         Kelly Bloedorn, Front Desk Assistant

[email protected]


Kelly McKay, Ph.D., Director of Education

[email protected] | (612) 821-9045 ext. 1200

          Elena Epshteyn, Russian Language Program Manager

[email protected]

          Inna Ponomarenko, Russian Language Instructor

[email protected]

          Chris Seberson, Russian Language Instructor

[email protected]

          Michelle Jordan, Russian Language Instructor

[email protected]

          Sasha Zavyalova, Russian Language Instructor

[email protected]

          Carol Rudie, Adult and Senior Education Outreach Coordinator

[email protected]

Development and Membership

Allison Simms, Membership & Development Associate

[email protected] | (612) 821-9045 ext. 1900

Museum Shop

Mary Berg, Director of Retail

[email protected] | (612) 821-9045 ext. 2000

          Chris Seberson, Assistant Director of Retail

[email protected]

          Irina Linder, Museum Shop Assistant

[email protected]

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