Milkmaids, Novella, 1962
Nikolai N. Baskakov
Oil on Canvas, 47 x 90
Gift of Pam and Jack Safar, 2015
Currently on view

The Museum’s Collection Online

TMORA is pleased to announce the premier of its permanent collection online.  Now you can begin to explore the collection at home, with multiple search options available to you when you click on “View all Works” on the website’s landing page.

Items will be added to the website on a regular basis, with the goal of making the entire collection of thousands of works of art accessible.

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This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, grant number IGSM-245488-OMS-20.
Este proyecto ha sido posible en parte por el Instituto de Servicios de Museos y Bibliotecas, IGSM-245488-OMS-20.

About the Collection

In the two decades since its establishment, TMORA has built a remarkably diverse permanent collection of works, ranging from paintings and sculpture to objects of folk art and cultural artifacts. Beginning with the 2002 donation of seven paintings from the Museum’s founders, the collection has grown at a fast pace, reaching thirteen thousand items in 2022. Initially a collection of paintings, TMORA’s holdings have branched off to map the rich cultural landscapes of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. TMORA’s unique and extensive collections include Soviet-era posters, nonconformist art from the post-WWII Soviet era, holiday ornaments, 20th-century nesting dolls, collections of early 20th century peasant woodwork crafts, portraits of an aristocratic Russian family that fled revolutionary Russia, collections of figurines from major Soviet porcelain factories, postage stamps and currency, lacquer boxes, samovars, folk clay toys, and more. These have been increasingly useful in mounting exhibitions from TMORA’s own holdings, rather than having to depend upon loaned works for the display in the Museum’s four galleries. 95% of the collections originate from Russia within its 1991 borders.

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