Past Exhibitions

Anatoly Zverev: Under the Soviet Radar

The Museum of Russian Art presents an exhibition of more than thirty rare works by Anatoly Zverev, from the collection of Peter and Alexandra Rose. A legendary figure of the Moscow underground art scene in post-Stalinist Moscow, Anatoli Zverev was a rebel who defied conventions, standards, and rules both in his art and in his […] Read more

Portal to the Surreal: Vladimir Dikarev

Born in the post-WWII Soviet Union, on the shore of the Sea of Azov, Vladimir Dikarev received his training at the Uzhgorod Fine Arts College. Situated near the borders of Slovakia and Hungary, the thousand-year-old Uzhgorod is the westernmost of Ukraine’s regional centers. While at school, Vladimir combined his academic studies with his extracurricular interests in eastern and western philosophy, poetry, […] Read more

Zoran’s Surrealist Sculptures: Dry Neck of the Pig and Other Curios

A Yugoslavia-born sculptor, Zoran Mojsilov received his art education at the University of Belgrade, graduating in 1979, and later trained with the renowned Yugoslavian sculptor Matija Vuković. As a conscientious objector, he taught art at a military psychiatric hospital in 1981 and later went to Paris to escape the narrow confines and restrictions of the […] Read more

Nature’s Saints: Icons by Olga Volchkova

The exhibition presents works by Olga Volchkova. Painted in the traditional style of Eastern Orthodox icon-painting, these works are far from being traditional. Volchkova’s icons present familiar vegetables, fruit, herbs, and other plants as divine beings, paying long-overdue tribute to the spiritual dimension as well as the fundamental role plants provide to safeguard life on […] Read more

The Art of Leon Hushcha: The Way

The exhibition The Art of Leon Hushcha: The Way brings together the most recent works by the prominent Minneapolis-based artist whose art has earned recognition nationally and internationally. Showcasing Hushcha’s newest paintings, this exhibition presents an opportunity to follow the artist on his way through the cosmos of creativity.  In his creative endeavors, Leon Hushcha explores themes of displacement […] Read more