Past Exhibitions

Treasures of Memory and Hope

Treasures of Memory and Hope On view in the main gallery July 20-30, 2019 The Museum of Russian Art, in partnership with St. Sahag Armenian Church, presents a special pop-up exhibition in the main gallery – Treasures of Memory and Hope. After the Armenian Genocide, many survivors and their descendants settled in Minnesota and made this welcoming […] Read more

Surreal Promenade – Sergei Isupov

Surreal Promenade – Sergei Isupov A dog with a human hand for a body, a chameleon with a human profile, and a pensive bear drinking a friendly cup with a soldier:  these are some examples of the creatures that inhabit the universe of Sergei Isupov, the Russian born, Massachusetts based sculptor and painter. Exploring painterly figure-ground relationships […] Read more

The Body in Soviet Art

The Body in Soviet Art On view in the Main, Mezzanine, and Fireside Galleries – February 23 – September 1, 2019 The Museum of Russian Art presents a new exhibition: The Body in Soviet Art, drawn from the renowned Raymond and Susan Johnson collection of Russian 20th century paintings.  The Body in Soviet Art examines […] Read more

Winter Holidays in Russia

Winter Holidays in Russia Spanning a century of Russian winter holiday traditions, our seasonal exhibition features a remarkable selection of several hundred tree ornaments and other holiday items. The festive artifacts present Grandfather Frost, the Snow Maiden, Baba Yaga, and more.  Memory keepers, tree ornaments reflect changes in holiday celebrations during Russia’s turbulent 20th century.  Taking part […] Read more

A Country in Porcelain: Figurines from the Soviet Era

A Country in Porcelain: Figurines from the Soviet Era Featuring  over eighty rare porcelain pieces, this exhibition presents three-dimensional artworks produced by Soviet porcelain  factories in Leningrad, Dulevo, Verbilki, and other regional centers.. Deftly painted figurines of Soviet Red Army soldiers, revolutionary sailors, collective farmers, children, and more recreate a diminutive replica of a country that […] Read more