Past Exhibitions

The Portrait Tells a Story: Lloyd Patterson in Soviet Russia

  The exhibition presents the portrait of Lloyd Patterson (1910-1942), a participant of the 1932 Soviet-German film project Black and White intended to highlight racism in the United States. Patterson traveled to Soviet Russia in a group of 22 Black Americans to participate in the project. Among other group members were Langston Hughes, Louise Thompson, and […] Read more

Sergei and Aleksei Tkachev: Masters of Russian Realist Art

Sergei and Aleksei Tkachev are distinguished masters of Russian Realist art whose contribution to Russia’s artistic legacy is highly recognized both in their country and abroad.  The Tkachev brothers were born in the village of Chugunovka, in the Bryansk region.  They received their training at the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow.  Sergei graduated in 1952 […] Read more

The Yolka: Russia’s New Year Tree

The Museum of Russian Art announces its annual holiday exhibition showcasing its remarkable collection of Imperial and Soviet-era holiday artifacts.  This year, it is called The Yolka, which in Russian can mean a decorated holiday tree, a celebration, or simply a fir tree. Tree ornaments, garlands, holiday masks and costumes, greetings cards, Grandfather Frost figurines, […] Read more

Andréa Stanislav: Cosmist Reconstructions – Memories of Earth

The Museum of Russian Art presents a solo exhibition of art by Andréa Stanislav featuring sculptural works, photo montages, collages, and multi-media pieces by this cutting-edge contemporary artist.  Sleek, rigid surfaces of industrial materials and soft textures of animal fibers intersect in Stanislav’s work.  These diverse art objects are an exploration of the unique and […] Read more

E.O. Hoppé and the Ballets Russes

  In the 1920s and 30’s Emil Otto Hoppé (British, German born, 1878–1972) was one of the most sought-after photographers in the world. Hoppé’s studio in South Kensington was a magnet for the rich and famous, and for years he actively led the global art scene on both sides of the Atlantic, making over thirty […] Read more