Past Exhibitions

The Ancient Artel: Lacquer Miniatures from Palekh

  The Museum of Russian Art is pleased to present the exhibition The Ancient Artel: Lacquer Miniatures from Palekh. This exhibition, featuring approximately 30 lacquer boxes and objects from the collection of David Christensen, explores the unique Russian art of miniature painting on papier-mâché.  Richly detailed, carefully crafted and colorful, the lacquer miniatures of this […] Read more

Samovars and Nesting Dolls: MSP Airport

Samovars and Nesting Dolls MSP Airport MSP Terminal 1, Concourse C (near Gates C3, C12, and C18) July 2021 – July 2022 Viewable from all sides, these vitrines of Samovars, Nesting Dolls, and other remarkable artifacts from The Museum of Russian Art put history and culture into full view. Samovars are portable water heaters, widespread […] Read more

Belarusian Paintings: from Traditionalism to Contemporary Expression

  For the first time in its history, The Museum of Russian Art is presenting an exhibition of paintings from Belarus.  Spanning the last forty years, the exhibition features works by eight Belarusian artists providing a glimpse into the art of this Eastern European country.  Formerly part of the Soviet Union, Belarus emerged as an […] Read more

Alexey Brodovitch: Designer of the Avant-Garde

  The exhibition presents the work of Alexey Brodovitch (1898-1971), one of the most influential graphic designers of the 20th century, who opened up new horizons in American magazine and advertising design with his take on the new European Modernist aesthetic. Fleeing Soviet Russia in the throngs of the Russian Civil War (1917-1922), Alexey Brodovitch […] Read more

Medieval Russian Sailboats

The pop-up exhibition of Medieval Russian Sailboats presents twenty models of Russian sailboats and traditional wooden houses from the collection of Captain Sergey Sinelnik, the Honored Traveler of Russia. The exhibition is on view in the Main Gallery from May 22 through June 6, 2021. The highlight of the show is the model of the Pilgrim, the sailboat […] Read more