TMORA offers unique educational experiences that feature the Museum’s permanent collection and special exhibitions on view.

School Tours | K-12 & University

TMORA’s field trip experiences increase students’ understanding of the art, culture, and history of the region through our collections and exhibitions. Our educators connect students to the art so they can practice recognizing their own and others’ perspectives, by articulating and explaining the perspectives empathetically, respectfully, and thoughtfully. By developing museum literacy skills, students will become lifelong learners in the museum setting.

To schedule a field trip, contact TMORA’s Education Coordinator, Bridget Gallagher:


Self-Guided Tours
A class that consists of 10-50 (including yourself) arriving at the museum together to view the galleries on their own, without a tour guide.

To schedule your group, contact TMORA’s Education Coordinator, Bridget Gallagher:


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