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Looking for a illustrated presentation for your community education, house of worship, or club schedule? TMORA offers a series of topics that delve into the art and culture of the region.

A presentation presented by one of our educators will create opportunities to learn, discuss, and appreciate the art you will enjoy at TMORA.

Whatever your audience, a presentation is a wonderful way to introduce your participants to an aspect of the art and history of this complex region. We are able to offer these presentations virtually.  In-person presentations are possible as well, depending on the current public health requirement.

A presentation can run from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on your scheduling needs.   A long list of available topics is available upon request.  It includes some of the following titles:

  • Woman’s World:  Women Artists in Russia
  • In the Folk Tradition:  Nesting Dolls in Russian Crafts
  • Imperial Fabergé:  Jeweler to the Tsars
  • Windows into Eternity: Understanding the Russian Icon
  • Art at War: Russian Artists during World War II
  • Treasure Boxes:  The Lacquer Box Tradition
  • Artists Underground:  Reactions to Revolution
  • Imperial Splendor:  Court Culture in Romanov Russia
  • Russian East in Color
  • One Doll; Two Countries

The Museum will accept your organization’s customary fee for a presentation of this type.

Contact our Education Outreach Coordinator, Carol Rudie, for a full list of topics and to schedule a program:

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