Our Mission:

The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA), an independent American organization, promotes understanding of the art, people, and culture of Muscovite Russia, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and its former republics through outstanding exhibitions, cultural presentations, and educational programs serving the people of Minnesota and the nation.

The Museum upholds an independent voice and the freedom of expression to carry out its mission unconstrained by influence from foreign governments, political actors and/or corporate or individual interests.

Our Vision

A cultural understanding of this region’s deep, historical, multi-cultural, and ongoing artistic achievements and their impact on the world.

About the Collection

In the two decades since its establishment, TMORA has built a remarkably diverse permanent collection of works, ranging from paintings and sculpture to objects of folk art and cultural artifacts. Beginning with the 2002 donation of seven paintings from the Museum’s founders, the collection has grown at a fast pace, reaching thirteen thousand items in 2022. Initially a collection of paintings, TMORA’s holdings have branched off to map the rich cultural landscapes of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. TMORA’s unique and extensive collections include Soviet-era posters, nonconformist art from the post-WWII Soviet era, holiday ornaments, 20th-century nesting dolls, collections of early 20th century peasant woodwork crafts, portraits of an aristocratic Russian family that fled revolutionary Russia, collections of figurines from major Soviet porcelain factories, postage stamps and currency, lacquer boxes, samovars, folk clay toys, and more. These have been increasingly useful in mounting exhibitions from TMORA’s own holdings, rather than having to depend upon loaned works for the display in the Museum’s four galleries. 95% of the collections originate from Russia within its 1991 borders.

About the Museum

TMORA presents eight or more exhibitions each year, with items from its permanent collection of over thirteen thousand works and with art from major collections in the U.S. and abroad.  The Museum enhances its exhibitions by presenting subject specific lectures, seminars, concerts, and other unique events, which include independent scholars who share their expertise with the TMORA audience.  Housed in a beautifully renovated historic building, the Museum’s multi-level galleries provide a tranquil and intimate setting for its dynamic array of exhibitions and programs.   

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