March 18, 2020

Vladimir Dikarev
Remembrance, 2000
Oil on canvas

Clairvoyantly, this painting is about us in the here and now of the coronavirus-ridden world. Two people are at the table with wobbly legs flying through space. The table is contemporaneous reality which has, if not the mind, but an eye of its own. Where is it taking the two at the table? Only the scary reality/table knows, but certainly away from the well-ordered past. Their past is in the background where the flying figures are the former selves of the two at the table. This is how they remember themselves – light as air, easy-going, and playful. The past seems orderly and nice, with its geometrically-patterned floor and serene water surface.

The two at the table have no faces, or heads for that matter. They have no eyes to see where the table is flying. They have no brains to understand it. All they can do is dwell in their beautiful past. And the knowing eye of the reality/table is flying them into the unknown…

– Dr. Masha Zavialova, Chief Curator & Head of Collections, The Museum of Russian Art