Michelle Massey

Andréa Stanislav: Spinner’s Song

Spinner’s Song is a multimedia sculpture installation informed by artist Andréa Stanislav’s research within TMORA’s folk crafts collection of flax linen textiles and prialka tools. Featuring original sound composition by Jesse Gelaznik and video collage by Stanislav, Spinner’s Song invites a hypnotic, calming, and reflective experience, merging form, motion, and sound. The installation presents the artist’s […] Read more

Peace be with the family of Alexei Navalny

Peace be with the family of Alexei Navalny and may peace someday come to Russia. Our deepest thanks to the anonymous donor who sent these important words and beautiful flowers to TMORA today. We echo these words wholeheartedly […] Read more

Portal to the Surreal: Vladimir Dikarev

This exhibition features works of the Minnesotan artist Vladimir Dikarev. Born into a Russian-Polish family in Soviet Ukraine, Dikarev’s fascinating paintings bridge continents and political regimes. But the vagaries and vicissitudes of his personal biography are not so important in Dikarev’s work, as he is intent on expressing his creative impulse through surrealist depictions of the landscapes of his mind.  His works […] Read more

Say No to War: Political Cartoons by Ukrainian and Russian Artists – The 4th Iteration

This exhibition of antiwar political cartoons includes recent works by renowned cartoonists from Ukraine and Russia created in response to the Russian aggression in Ukraine. The exhibition is organized by TMORA in collaboration and partnership with Minnesota artist Andrey Feldshteyn, who has worked in the genre of political cartoons for four decades. At the beginning of the […] Read more

Zoran’s Surrealist Sculptures: Dry Neck of the Pig and Other Curios

A Yugoslavia-born sculptor, Zoran Mojsilov received his art education at the University of Belgrade, graduating in 1979, and later trained with the renowned Yugoslavian sculptor Matija Vuković. As a conscientious objector, he taught art at a military psychiatric hospital in 1981 and later went to Paris to escape the narrow confines and restrictions of the […] Read more