Treasures of Memory and Hope

On view in the main gallery July 20-30, 2019

The Museum of Russian Art, in partnership with St. Sahag Armenian Church, presents a special pop-up exhibition in the main gallery – Treasures of Memory and Hope.

After the Armenian Genocide, many survivors and their descendants settled in Minnesota and made this welcoming state their hope.  Some of the families, even today, hold historic photos and precious keepsakes in memory of the survivors. “Treasures of Memory and Hope” showcases the descendants of Armenian Genocide survivors pictured with their family keepsakes. The images focus on life and hope, tell stories of survival and perseverance.

From Armenia to Minnesota, it was here they found their dreams, their futures, and their families. Their lives inspire reflection on the value of freedom and the enduring human spirit.

The vision of this exhibition is to honor the survivors of the Armenian Genocide and their descendants in Minnesota. By sharing their stories and memory with neighboring communities and with generations to come we aim to inspire and encourage by the examples of hope despite the challenges, perseverance, endurance and faith.  These stories are not only stories of tragedy but also of hope, perseverance, happiness, and a better future.

The Museum of Russian Art expresses its gratitude to St. Sahag Armenian Church for this collaboration and sharing the vision of preserving and sharing the legacy of these survivors.

Photographer: Artyom Tonoyan

Editor: Lou Ann Matossian

The exhibition is supported by St. Sahag Armenian Church and The Ohanessian Fund for Justice & Peace Studies.
Additional support is provided by the Armenian Community in Minnesota.