Imperial Russia produced stamps that were austere and conveyed a sense of permanence and tradition, while the stamps of the Soviet Union communicated the utopian aspirations and achievements of a country caught in the whirlwind of change.  Focusing on monumental projects, the postage stamps of the USSR reveal a futuristic panorama of the country’s major accomplishments including magnificent skyscrapers, lavishly decorated metro stations, new models of aircraft and luxurious resorts for workers.  They promoted the ideal of collectivism where Young Pioneers, party leaders, Red Army soldiers, and heroic explorers worked together to enthusiastically contribute to the ascendency of the Soviet Union as a 20th century superpower. Many of the projects displayed on the stamps never came to fruition, including buildings that were never built, blimps that failed to materialize, and the happy, healthy Soviet people that were seldom a reality.

As miniature messengers, the stamps of the USSR spread Soviet ideals, aspirations, and slogans to every corner of the country and beyond.   Beautiful in design and rich in detail, Soviet stamps capture our imagination and convey a sense of history using an artistic medium seldom examined and often overlooked.

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