The costume of Riazan province features a woolen poneva skirt, woolen belt, linen shirt, tunic-like apron, coat, and a woolen shawl produced at one of Russia’s textile factories in the late 19th century.  The choker is decorated with Russian 10 kopek coins from 1915.

The festive dress of Voronezh province consists of the poneva skirt, long cotton shirt, apron and a headdress made-up of three parts: a linen kichka cap covering the hair, a pozatylnik adorned with beads, buttons and ribbons covering the back of the neck, and a soroka, a decorative horn-like headdress that is embroidered with gold silk thread.  The two-piece belt is artfully decorated with beads.

The costume from the southern part of the Nizhnii Novgorod region features a poneva skirt, a blouse made of Baranov-printed cotton, a decorative apron, a soroka headdress decorated with gold thread, beads and goose feather puffs, and a scarf made at the Baranov Textile Factory in the Vladimir region.

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