Art in Conflict

Saturday, March 10 – Saturday, September 1, 2018

on view in the Main Gallery


The exhibition Art in Conflict presents approximately forty Soviet-era works drawn exclusively from the permanent collection of The Museum of Russian Art. Juxtaposing non-conformist and Socialist Realist approaches, the display unfolds conflicting perspectives that dominated the multifaceted and volatile art scene of the final Soviet decades. Arranged as a juxtaposition of oppositional and state-sanctioned models of artistic production, the display invites a creative interpretation of what it was to be a Soviet artist versus an artist living in the Soviet era.  Also on view are three-dimensional artworks from the museum’s permanent collection.


Rostislav Lebedev. Gorbachev, 1991
oil on canvas
Gift of Yury and Nelly Traisman and the Kohler Foundation 2015.4.18

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