The Art of Vasili Nechitailo

Friday, September 3, 2010 - Sunday, February 27, 2011

The second installment of TMORA’s “Discovering 20th Century Russian Masters” series, The Art of Vasili Nechitailo marks the first individual showing of Nechitailo’s works outside of Russia.

Born in a village in the Kuban region of southern Russia, Vasili Nechitailo (1915-1980) received rigorous academic training in Moscow. He is recognized for his remarkable artistic style-Nechitailo’s innate sense of color and unique color solutions were acclaimed by his fellow artists and as well as art critics. Throughout his career, his native Kuban retained an irresistible fascination for him and he frequently traveled from Moscow to southern Russia to portray the vastness of freshly ploughed fields and dazzling golden mountains of harvested wheat shoveled by sun burnt collective farmers. His bold and lavish brushstrokes are highly expressive and the interplay of pictorial elements often dominates the subject matter. Nechitailo’s great mastery in conveying spontaneous and unsentimental beauty through his virtuoso use of paint has made him one of the most renowned Russian artists of the 20th century.