The Prophets tier


The Prophets Tier is one of the upper tiers of an iconostasis. The iconostasis is a screen, separating the altar space of the church, which is entirely decorated with icons that are arranged in rows or tiers, according to a strictly prescribed order. The Prophets tier contains images of Old Testament prophets who predicted the coming of the Savior, Jesus Christ. The Prophets tier from Yaroslavl features eight Old Testament prophets holding scrolls with prophecies and the Mother of God. The Virgin is depicted in the middle as the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies. Kneeling at her feet are the holy monks Theodosius and Anthony of the Kiev Monastery of the Caves. Flanking the Mother of God are Moses and Elisha, and next to them are Simeon the God-Receiver and the prophet Isaiah, followed by Gideon the Judge and the prophet Ezekiel. At the two extremes are Elijah and Micah. The Prophets tier is one of the best works of 18th century Yaroslavian art.