Hexameron means ‘six days’ in Greek. In the Russian Orthodox tradition, every day of the week has its own theme: “Descent into Hell” for Sunday, “The Assembly of the Archangels” for Monday, “The Beheading of John the Baptist” for Tuesday, “Annunciation” for Wednesday, “Christ Washing the Feet of the Apostles” for Thursday, “Crucifixion” for Friday. These occupy the upper level of the panel. The depiction of Saturday, or the Sabbath, takes up the icon’s center and lower levels. It features Christ enthroned and the cross as the symbol of the Last Judgment. It is supposed to remind the faithful that Saturday is the day for studying and meditation on the fates of the world. On both sides are saints grouped according to their ranks: martyrs and martyresses, holy monks and holy nuns, kings and queens, prophets, apostles, desert-dwellers and the blessed.