Ekaterina Khromin: The Art of Synergism

February 20 – June 13, 2021

Main Gallery


This exhibition brings together twenty-three of the most recent works by innovative Russian-American artist Ekaterina Khromin.  Exploring the possibilities of painting beyond the traditional constraints, Khromin defines her style as Synergism.  Her works combine painting, sculpture, drawing, and collage of found objects, which results in an integrated work of art.  By combining several conventional approaches, she creates rich surfaces with complex textures and chromatic harmonies.  Ekaterina Khromin was trained as an artist at one of the best Soviet-era art schools – the Academy of Arts in Leningrad.  She worked as a children’s book illustrator before she and her artist husband emigrated to the US in 1990.  The artist couple launched a successful career as artists and art conservators in New York and Miami.