Matryoshka: The Russian Nesting Doll

Matryoshka: The Russian Nesting Doll, features Matryoshkas on loan from a private collector in San Francisco. These brightly painted wooden objects have become a symbol of Russia and Russian folk art; their bell-shaped silhouettes are familiar to the young and old. Whether depicting ancient legends, religious themes, or political caricatures, Matryoshkas can tell us more […] Read More

Photographer to the Tsar: Revealing the Silk Road

Online Exhibition The longest road on earth, the fabled Silk Road spanned several thousand miles,     connecting East and     West and stretching from China and India to Central Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean     Sea.  For two millennia, exotic goods, artistic styles and cultural traditions traveled in both     directions leaving a […] Read More

Postage Stamps: Messengers of the Soviet Future

Online Exhibition This exciting exhibition spans nearly 100 years of illustrative history, tracing the evolution of a country through the impactful images contained on postage stamps. The stamps, rich in artistry and visual eloquence, communicated the Soviet Union’s aspirational utopian vision to the people of the USSR and around the world. On exclusive display through […] Read More

Russkiy Salon: Select Favorites and Newly Revealed Works

Russkiy Salon features some of the most remarkable and popular paintings exhibited at TMORA over the past six years. This unique exhibition allows art-lovers the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with the familiar masterpieces. Approximately 54 paintings will be on view including works such as the beloved Milkmaids, Novella, by Nikolai N. Baskakov, the dramatic and […] Read More