Looking for a program for your organization?  TMORA can work with you to give your audience an unforgettable view of Russia.

Illustrated lectures come in all lengths and subjects. Choosing a program about a current exhibit means that your group can set up a meaningful tour of the exhibit afterwards. Or introduce your group to TMORA and its exhibition history while reviewing Russian art history at the same time.

Topics always available can be scheduled any time:

  •      Romanovs Then and Now
  •      Window to the Beyond:  Icons in Russian Culture
  •      Introducing TMORA
  •      Russia, Repin and Red:  A Brief History of Russian Art

A sample of previous topics give an idea of the range of possibilities:

  •      Living Wood:  Encounters With the Forest in Russian Culture
  •      Love Visually:  Romance in Soviet Art
  •      Painters and Patrons:  Russian Art Through Collectors’ Eyes
  •      Through Different Eyes:  Non-Conformist Art in the Soviet Union
  •      Princes, Porcelein and Power
  •      The Road North:  Village Painters During the Soviet Era
  •      Impressionism:  On the Edge of Soviet Art
  •      On Art and Spirituality:  The Non-Conformists
  •      The Art of the Spiritual

Presenters come to you. Speakers fees consist of your group’s donation to TMORA.

From icons to the Romanovs, World War I and samovars, TMORA lecturers are happy to shape a presentation to your audience’s interest.

To schedule a TMORA speaker at your venue, please contact:

Michelle Massey, Event & Volunteer Manager

612-821-9045 ext. 14


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