Saturday, May 22 |  12:00 – 1:00 PM CDT

This program will be presented via Zoom webinar.  |  FREE  |  Please register in advance.


  • Dr. Brent Mai, Dean of the Carpenter Library, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida

  • Sam Brungardt, a renowned expert on Volga-German foodways, St. Paul, Minnesota


Dr. Brent Mai is an expert on the history and culture of the Volga-Germans. Dr. Mai, a descendant of Volga-Germans whose forebearers tamed both the Russian Steppe and the Kansas prairie, is a scholar of the socio-economic movement patterns of the approximately 6 million Volga-Germans that can now be found throughout the world. Dr. Mai has spoken extensively about the struggles and triumphs of the Volga-German diaspora to audiences across the globe and leads tours to those wanting to visit the Volga-German homeland along Russia’s mighty Volga River.

Dr. Mai will be joined by Sam Brungardt, another Kansas native who currently lives in St. Paul. Mr. Brungardt is a renowned expert on Volga-German cuisine with many publications to his credit. He will share a variety of delicacies from the unique cross-cultural community that is the Volga-Germans.