Current Exhibitions

Surreal Promenade – Sergei Isupov

Surreal Promenade – Sergei Isupov A dog with a human hand for a body, a chameleon with a human profile, and a pensive bear drinking a friendly cup with a soldier:  these are some examples of the creatures that inhabit the universe of Sergei Isupov, the Russian born, Massachusetts based sculptor and painter. Exploring painterly figure-ground relationships […] Read more

The Body in Soviet Art

The Body in Soviet Art The Museum of Russian Art presents a new exhibition: The Body in Soviet Art, drawn from the renowned Raymond and Susan Johnson collection of Russian 20th century paintings.  The Body in Soviet Art examines the depictions of the human form in Soviet art, featuring more than fifty works created in […] Read more

“Milkmaids, Novella” at the TMORA Museum Store

We are thrilled to announce the installation of “Milkmaids, Novella” by Nikolai Nikolaevich Baskalov, 1962 in its new home at the TMORA Museum Store at The Museum of Russian Art.  Come visit this magnificent work (a favorite by many), enjoy a cup of tea, and immerse in Russian art and culture […] Read more