Vladimir – Silver Archer!


“In recognition of his work advancing creative activities contributing to Cultural Diplomacy in the United States during a time of cooling bilateral relations.”

TMORA’s Director & President Vladimir von Tsurikov, Ph.D., received a major award “Silver Archer” on March 6, 2018 at the Russian Cultural Center in Washington, D.C. This honor recognizes his role advancing Russian arts and culture throughout the United States, which has brought significant attention and growth to the Museum over the last four years.

Vladimir’s contributions to the field span his professional career, however this award specifically recognizes his work producing over 30 cultural events and exhibitions in 2017. Vladimir travels globally as an expert on US-Russia relations and creating cross cultural dialogues through both art and history. He is recognized in both the US and Russia as a vital instrument of cultural diplomacy, and continues to forge unprecedented partnerships and instigate unique events and exhibitions at TMORA.

Three cheers for Vladimir!