Transcendent Art: Icons from Yaroslavl, Russia

Lectures and Articles

2008 Lecture Series: Dr. Roy R. Robson

“Icons: What do you do with them, anyway?”

Professor Robson specializes in Russian History, European History, and Intellectual Heritage. He is currently the Coordinator of the Intellectual Heritage Program at the University of the Sciences. Dr. Robson is the author of “Old Believers in Modern Russia” and “Solovki: The Story of Russia Told Through Its Most Remarkable Islands.”

2008 Lecture Series: Dr. Alexei Lidov

“Miraculous Icons and Cultural Identity in Byzantium and Russia”

Dr. Lidov earned his Ph.D. in Art History at Moscow State University. He has been a visiting fellow of the British Academy, the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study, and the College de France in Paris. Among his many publications are: “The Miracle-Working Icon in Byzantium and Old Rus’”, “Byzantine Icons of Sinai”, and “The Iconostasis: Origins-Evolution-Symbolism.” Lecture held in conjunction with the exhibition Transcendent Art: Icons from Yaroslavl.

Articles by Alexei Lidov are now available

(Article) Hierotopy. The Creation of Sacred Spaces as a Form of Creativity and as a Subject of Cultural History.

(Article) Spatial Icons. The Miraculous Performance with the Hodegetria of Constantinople.

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