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Discovering 20th Century Russian Masters: Nicolai Fechin

This 20th century Russian-American artist is renowned as much for his impressionistic scenes of the American southwest as for his Russian roots.  Features paintings on loan from Russian and American museums and private collections.

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Cast Icons: Preserving Sacred Traditions

This exhibition presents over 100 religious images and crosses made from various copper alloys and decorated with multicolor enamel and gilt. The variety of forms, iconography, design and decoration of these icons and crosses, created by Old Believer communities from the 18th through 20th centuries features images of patron saints, personal crosses and skladen icons (icons with foldable side flaps). The exhibition is drawn from the private collection of Minnesota art lover and musician Edward Stack. Exhibit extended to April 2013 by popular demand.

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Photography from the USSR: Soviet Life, Russian Reality

This exhibition presents over fifty photographs from the four final decades of the Soviet era. Drawn from the collection of Thomas Werner, professor and director of the BFA program at New York’s Parsons New School for Design, these black-and-white images show Soviet citizens in social, educational, and familial settings that both conformed to the dictates of the regime and reflected their own versions of reality.

Exhibition review in the Star Tribune

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From Thaw to Meltdown: Soviet Paintings of the 1950s-1980s

This exhibition examines the themes of industrial work in Soviet painting in the post-Stalin era. Profound and lasting transformations in society took place after Stalin’s death in 1953.  The decades following WWII saw a gradual relaxation of the ideological restrictions previously imposed by the Communist Party.  The recognizably Stalinist painting aesthetic—highly idealized and formulaic—gave way to a more diverse thematic environment.

Exhibition review in the Star Tribune

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Taille Directe: Sculptures by Naum Mogilevsky

This display of human-form sculptures in The Museum of Russian Art’s Fireside Gallery features fourteen works by Naum Mogilevsky.  The sculptures were recently added to the Museum’s growing permanent collection through a generous gift from Marsha Shisman and the artist’s nephew, Boris Mogilevsky and are on view for the very first time publicly.

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Antiquities from Ukraine: Golden Treasures and Lost Civilizations

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The Museum of Russian Art announces its exhibition of artifacts dating from the Neolithic age to the Byzantine era, unearthed in present-day Ukraine.  TMORA is proud to be one of only three American venues hosting this private collection from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Presented in conjunction with the Government of Ukraine and The Museum of National Cultural Heritage PLATAR, the exhibition include unique clay objects from one of the most ancient civilizations of the world – the Trypilian culture, which flourished approximately 7,000 years ago before disappearing in the 3rd millennium BC.

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Blue Plate
Soup Plate from Coronation Service of Nicholas I, decorated with the great arms of the Russian empire and chain of the Order of St. Andrew. 1826. 9 1/2” (diameter). Raymond F. Piper Collection.

Dinner with the Tsars: Russian Imperial Porcelain

Lower gallery

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This exhibition brings together approximately one hundred and forty superb examples of Russian porcelain wares produced at the Imperial Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg during the rule of the Romanovs.

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