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The Anniversary Celebration: A Decade of Russian Art and Culture

Closing Monday, June 3, 2013. Join The Museum of Russian Art in celebrating its 10th anniversary! Featuring highlights from the permanent collection, as well as favorites from past beloved exhibitions, including Milkmaids Novella, by Nikolai Baskakov, this exhibition demonstrates why The Museum of Russian Art has quickly grown to be known as a gem worthy of discovery and a unique part of Minnesota’s cultural history.

The Museum of Russian Art celebrates its tenth anniversary with an exhibition featuring treasures of its permanent collection, as well as highlights from past critically acclaimed exhibitions on loan to the Museum.

Bringing together eighteen superb works by prominent Soviet artists from the post-WWII period, The Anniversary Celebration: A Decade of Russian Art and Culture will include technically proficient and stylistically diverse paintings. These post-war paintings are excellent examples of a revival in the unique tradition of Russian Realism, and a move away from the controlled style and content of earlier decades. Artwork from this period touched the hearts and minds of the masses, telling stories and addressing universal themes. Artists from this period created works that were sincere and non-commercial. They found ways of addressing Soviet ideology while striving for personal integrity in a difficult political situation.

The Anniversary Celebration: A Decade of Russian Art and Culture will feature paintings from the Museum’s permanent collection, as well as paintings from past exhibitions, including some of the best examples of Soviet Realism the Museum has ever shown. Works will be featured from, In the Russian Tradition (2005), the first exhibition to be held in the Museum’s current building, Russian Realism: Art of the 20th Century (2006), Colors of Russian Winter (2007), Russian Impressionism: On the Edge of Soviet Art (2008), Russkiy Salon: Select Favorites and Newly Revealed Works (2009), The Road North (2010), and The Art of Vassily Nechitailo (2011). The favorite painting “Milkmaids, Novella,” by Nikolai Baskakov, a key painting in the 2007 exhibition Milkmaids and Friends will also be on display.

Museum Director Chris DiCarlo shared his thoughts saying, “The past decade has been a time of incredible growth and change for The Museum of Russian Art. This exhibition only addresses a fraction of what the Museum has accomplished, but also demonstrates the immense potential we have.”

Founded in 2002 by the prominent collector, Ray Johnson, the Museum of Russian Art moved to its current home in 2005. In 2007, the Museum was registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Museum of Russian Art is the only institution in North America solely dedicated to the presentation and preservation of Russian art in its many forms. A cultural ambassador for Russia and Russian culture, the Museum is governed by a Board of Trustees.  Seeking to advance its educational mission through dynamic exhibitions ranging in content from 19th and 20th century painting, Russian Orthodox icons, photography, printmaking, lacquer art, porcelain, Soviet stamps, textiles, sculpture and other decorative arts, The Museum of Russian Art is a unique and integral part of Minnesota’s rich cultural history.

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