Professor Iraj Bashiri

Lecture: Dr. Iraj Bashiri, Univ. of Minnesota


Dr. Iraj Bashiri is a Professor of History at the University of Minnesota and is an internationally recognized expert in, among other areas, the history and culture of the Tajik ethnic group in Central Asia.  He was born in Iran and was recognized as Iran’s top student of English in 1959.

This lecture was held in conjunction with the exhibition Photographer to the Tsar: Revealing the Silk Road.

After studying at an Iranian University for several years, he continued his studies in England and the United States, eventually earning both his Masters and Doctorate in Iranian Linguisitcs at the University of Michigan.  His association with the University of Minnesota began in 1972.

Professor Bashiri’s areas of research are extensive, including linguistics, history and literature—all topics on which he has written and published.  His courses at the University include Iranian history, Persian Literature, and Iranian Languages and  Linguistics.  Several years before the fall of the Soviet Union, Dr. Bashiri expanded his research and teaching to cover the history and culture of Afghanistan and the Central Asian republics of the Soviet Union, the historic area of the legendary Silk Road.

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