Cary Walski

A Whale Off the Coast of Norway and Other Encounters – Alexander Voitsekhovsky

Alexander Voitsekhovsky’s “A Whale Off the Coast of Norway and Other Encounters”  On view in the Lower Gallery – November 10-13, 2016 TMORA is honored to welcome Russian artist Alexander Voitsekhovsky – illustrator to works by such diverse writers as Pushkin, Hillaire-Belloc and Dostoyevsky. His latest book “A Whale off the Coast of Norway and Other […] Read More

Olexa Bulavitsky: Immigrant Experiences and Ukrainian-American Art

The exhibition unfolds the story of an immigrant artist, from his early years of professional training in Ukraine and Leningrad to displaced persons (DP) camp in Germany after WWII, immigration to the US, and a successful professional career in Minneapolis, MN. The display will include over 40 paintings. Born in 1916, Olexa Bulavitsky spent his early years […] Read More

TMORA Launches Conversation on Peace Initiatives and Culture

On November 12, 2015, The Museum of Russian Art moderated a roundtable discussion, inviting an impressive list of guest speakers to discuss issues of cultural collaboration between countries, as well as the importance for active cultural diplomacy. Formal comments were offered by Liz Malinkin, Program Associate at the Kennan Institute, Washington, D.C., Kaywin Feldman, Director […] Read More

Visit “A Nordic Christmas” at the American Swedish Institute

Learn More at TMORA partners with the American Swedish Institute (ASI) during their Holiday exhibition A Nordic Christmas: Myths, Legends & Fairytales at the American Swedish Institute. Visit TMORA’s Russian Christmas room located in the historic Turnblad Mansion, featuring many of the legends and myths that abound this time of the year including Grandfather […] Read More

Faces of War: Russia in World War I (1914-1918)

The multimedia exhibition Faces of War: Russia in World War I (1914-1918) will present a documentary narrative of Russia in WWI drawing on the rich collections of Russian archives and museums, as well as collections from seven countries. This major exhibition at The Museum of Russian Art is held in collaboration with The Ministry of […] Read More