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Photography from the USSR: Soviet Life, Russian Reality

This ex­hi­bi­tion pre­sents over fifty pho­tographs from the four final decades of the So­viet era, a pe­riod that cor­re­sponds with TMORA’s con­cur­rent paint­ing ex­hi­bi­tion From Thaw to Melt­down. Drawn from the col­lec­tion of Thomas Werner, pro­fes­sor and di­rec­tor of the BFA pro­gram at New York’s Par­sons New School for De­sign, these black-and-white im­ages show So­viet cit­i­zens in so­cial, ed­u­ca­tional, and fa­mil­ial set­tings that both con­formed to the dic­tates of the regime and re­flected their own ver­sions of re­al­ity.