The Art of Oleg Vassiliev: Discovering 20th Century Russian Masters

The Art of Oleg Vassiliev surveys the career of one of the most important unofficial Soviet artists. Oleg Vassiliev was recently featured on TPT’s MN Original series.  Click here to watch. Full of personal memories, Vassiliev’s masterful works are an energetic meditation on human memory, forgetting, and a return to one’s home.A graduate of the Surikov […] Read More

Imperial St. Petersburg: Architectural Visions

The Museum of Russian Art presents a photographic tour of major palaces and administrative buildings in St. Petersburg, the city that served as the capital of Imperial Russia from 1712 to 1918. All images on view are by Professor William C. Brumfield. This exceptional collection of black and white photographs introduces American viewers to the […] Read More

Antiquities from Ukraine: Golden Treasures and Lost Civilizations

View full Online Exhibition here!   The Museum of Russian Art announces its exhibition of artifacts dating from the Neolithic age to the Byzantine era, unearthed in present-day Ukraine.  TMORA is proud to be one of only three American venues hosting this private collection from Kyiv, Ukraine. Presented in conjunction with the Government of Ukraine and […] Read More

Shades of Red: The Evolution of Early Soviet Painting

Shades of Red: The Evolution of Early Soviet Painting brings together over 60 superb works by Soviet artists painted during the decades immediately following the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Avoiding traditional generalizations about Soviet art, the exhibition explains the dynamic art scene of post-revolutionary Russia. Avant-garde representations of socialist labor, highly polished academic portraits, and […] Read More