PKP 3790 Griffin-shaped Plaque

The Scyths of Deleuze/Bataille: spendthrift war machine.

Roaming northern Pontic steppes, the nomadic Scythians were known to have sumptuous funeral rites for their chieftains. They controlled the steppes, with everything that moved across them, and apparently served as intermediaries for vibrant grain trade between the settled agrarian groups of the Eurasian steppes and Greeks colonies on the Black Sea (Olbia, Chersonesus, Pantikapaeon etc.). Splendid gold objects  they exchanged for grain  ended up in rich burial mounds thousands of which are found in Ukraine and southern Russia.  Nothing else remains from Scythian culture -except for buried treasures and probably those stone sculptures, kamennye baby, that stood on top of the mounds.  The totally unproductive expenditure of huge amounts of gold was somehow part of the workings of the nomadic war machine.   Thus the happy union of  the ideas of Deleuze and Bataille materialized in one people.

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