The Museum of Russian Art Announces “Postage Stamps: Messengers of the Soviet Future”

Small objects of art reveal big stories behind 20th century Soviet communications

MINNEAPOLIS (January 26) – On Saturday, March 7, The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA) will open “Postage Stamps: Messengers of the Soviet Future,” an exhibition that spans nearly 100 years of illustrative history, tracing the evolution of a country through the impactful images contained on postage stamps. The stamps, rich in artistry and visual eloquence, communicated the Soviet Union’s aspirational utopian vision to the people of the USSR and around the world. On exclusive display through September 20, 2009, this original exhibition features approximately 300 rare stamps on loan from a private collector.

“When we think of postage stamps, we don’t necessarily think of them as art,” said Judi Dutcher, TMORA president and director. “Although small, the stamps reveal a mastery of illustration and design. This exhibition will offer visitors an opportunity to experience a graphic medium seldom examined and often overlooked.”

On display in TMORA’s Lower Gallery, “Messengers of the Soviet Future” captures peak moments of Russian and Soviet history. The first Soviet stamps issued right after the Bolshevik revolution ushered in a new era of breaking away from any and all traditions. Early Soviet mega-projects consisted of building a new and happy life from scratch – a socialist utopia. On beautifully designed Soviet stamps, “Messengers of the Soviet Future” reveals key projects the country aspired to, including palaces, fleets of blimps and a happy and healthy Soviet people the state hoped would become reality. The stamps reflecting these and other Soviet projects, from the time of the revolution through the 1950s will be represented in this new exhibit.

Russkiy Salon: Select Favorites and Newly Revealed Works – Opening Feb. 2

Running concurrent to “Messengers of the Soviet Future” and on display in TMORA’s Main and Mezzanine Level Galleries is “Russkiy Salon: Select Favorites and Newly Revealed Works,” an exhibition of some of the most remarkable paintings exhibited at TMORA over the past six years. Approximately 54 paintings will be on view, and in the established TMORA tradition, the exhibition also will include pieces that have not been previously displayed. “Russkiy Salon” opens Monday, February 2 and concludes Sunday, August 30, 2009.


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