Russia: A Photographic Journey

Monday, May 14, 2007 - Saturday, September 1, 2007

“The Museum of Russian Art has a fascinating show of large-scale photos of contemporary Russia by Andrew L. Moore of New York. Moore has a fabulous eye for design and detail, and seems to have had unparalleled access to everything from private apartments in St. Petersburg, to costume closets at the Kirov Ballet, to abandoned missile sites in remote villages. His stunning color photos… document a country undergoing dramatic economic and political changes.”  (Mary Abbe, Star Tribune)

Since 2000, Andrew Moore has traveled throughout the Russian Federation and recorded his impressions of uniquely memorable people and locations through the medium of large format photography.  Mr. Moore has consciously avoided the philosophical trap of limiting his photography to either the subjects of pre-Revolutionary Imperial grandeur or the regimented facades of the Soviet era.  His photos provide thought-provoking views of a contemporary Russian society seeking to re-define itself once again in the course of its 1,000 years of history.